Temi Wynston Edun is a contemporary artist currently living and working in Maryland, USA. Wynston Edun was born in Nigeria and migrated to the United States in 1987 after receiving his degree in Fine Arts from the University of Benin in 1984. He's art is figurative, focusing primarily on portraiture. He constructs semi-abstract figures with impulsive mark making using both traditional and non-traditional techniques.

Edun’s inspiration derives from the behaviors of people which he depicts in a unique stylized form of textured color layering using palette knife, brushes, and natural sponges. Inspired by the narrative and figurative style of traditional African art, Edun’s influences include artists of the African modernist genre such as Ben Enwonwu and Yusuf Grillo as well as the works of western expressionists Max Beckmann and Richard Diebenkorn whose combination of traditional and contemporary aesthetics create compelling and emotionally charged works of art.

My focus as an artist is to capture gesture and movement as a form of communication. The compositional relationships of elements in figures, the tilt of the head, angle of hands or arch of the back are all cues interpreted by the viewer in forming and reforming a direct connection to the work. I am repeatedly pulled by the enigma of faces, it's uniqueness and paradoxical ambiguity are intriguing. Working primarily from photographic references where I may use several different images for one portrait, not depicting any particular person. I consciously place my figures within undefined spaces allowing the viewer to pursue their own narrative contexts and interpretations in relating to the work.